DSM Conference 2017

The 19th International DSM Conference was held in the Aalto University Design Factory – Helsinki, Finland, 11th – 13th September 2017

Industry Sprint Workshop (ISW)

For the first time, the DSM Conference presented in 2017 the DSM Design Sprint Workshop. In cooperation with the mobility finish company Kone, the conference presented a challenge of analyzing a real complex product and suggesting improvements on its architecture that would benefit the company and the product users. The participants were divided in groups of 3-6 and had access to 8 professional tools to tackle this problem.


The DSM Conference 2017 was attended by arround 40 participants from 16 countries.

Extending the focus of the conference, a variety of topics was available in the 23 different papers that were comprised in the conference proceedings. Again, the participants came from all kinds of backgrounds, ranging from academia via consulting to different industries such as automotive or aerospace. The following topics were covered:

  • DSM Methods and Algorithms
  • DSM Applications on Sustainability
  • Managing Change
  • Understanding and Managing Information Exchange
  • Innovating Systems Engineering
  • Innovating Project Management
  • Understandings and Managing Organizations and Teams

Below, you find a few impressions from the conference.