Conference Program

Tuesday, October 12

Welcome to conference!

10:00 am – 10:15 am (US EDT)

Fabiano Armellini

DSM Tutorial

Tyson Browning

10:15 am – 11:15 (US EDT)

The DSM tutorial will provide an introduction to DSM and examples of mainstream applications to product, organization, and process architectures.  It also includes a basic introduction to DMM and MDM.  It’s primarily for those new to DSM methods and applications, but it also provides a helpful reorientation for those who have used DSM methods more specifically or sporadically.  The main objective is to prepare people to appreciate the presentations they will see through the remainder of the conference.

Dr. Tyson R. Browning (Ph.D., M.I.T.) is a full Professor of Operations Management in the Neeley School of Business at Texas Christian University, where he conducts research on managing complex system development projects (integrating managerial and engineering perspectives) and teaches in the MBA program.  Previously, Tyson worked for Lockheed Martin, the Lean Aerospace Initiative, Honeywell Space Systems, and Los Alamos National Laboratory.   He co-authored the book Design Structure Matrix Methods and Applications.


John Walmsley

John Walmsley will tell the story of the urgent pandemic development of an ICU-level ventilator and the critical role the right architecture played in the success.

StarFish Medical updated a 30 year-old design into a modern ventilator for COVID-19 in record time. Work began in April 2020 and, less than three months later, a successful regulatory submission was made to Health Canada. The ventilator avoids parts needed for existing ventilators to prevent supply chain conflicts and is made-in-Canada to ensure supply chain security.

John Walmsley is currently VP Strategic Relationships at StarFish Medical . He has over two decades’ experience turning technology into products at companies in UK, US and Canada. He has overseen the design of over 150 products, up to 30 concurrently. During his time as COO, StarFish was recognized as one of the Top Growing Companies in Canada. Recently, he led the ultra-fast creation and delivery of new ICU ventilators for the Government of Canada’s pandemic response. John is a fellow of the Institute of Physics, Chair of University Industry Advisory Boards and advisor to a number of startup companies.

Tool Vendors

1:00 pm – 2:30 pm (US EDT)

Session Chair: Mike Stowe


Paul Waskett


Ian Poccachard


Frank Waldman


Frank Waldman


Mark Irving

Wednesday, October 13

Welcome Session

10:00 am – 10:15 am (US EDT)

Session Chair: Tyson Browning

Product Architectures I

10:15 am – 11:30 am (US EDT)

Session Chair: Pascal Etman

Scientific presentation: Methodology for Structuring and Bundling Product-Service Systems

Riesener, Michael; Dölle, Christian; Kreß, Julian; Boßmann, Carsten; Schuh, Günther

Industry presentation: DSM for Data Warehousing

Van Roosmalen, Han

Scientific presentation: Interface-Component Model (I-CM) as a System Design Tool for SE Toolset with DSM

Tuzsuzov, Yordan

Scientific presentation: Conceptual Design of a Nanosatellite Incubator Using Axiomatic Design and a Mechatronic Multicriteria Profiles

Ma, Yuanchao; Vadean, Aurelian; Beltrame, Giovanni; Achiche, Sofiane

Student presentation: RF Systems Engineering based on DSM Analysis

Meskoob, Behnoosh

Keynote Session

Heidi Jugovic

12:00 pm – 12:45 pm (US EDT)

The digital engineering transformation is industry’s answer to managing the increasing complexity of the systems we design, implement, and sustain.  Specifically, we often capture architecture in Model Based Systems Engineering (MSBS) tools and languages in the hopes that we can apply more robust and partially automated techniques to analyzing our architectures for the qualities we want them to possess, such as low coupling and high cohesion. Unfortunately, we often only make half the leap that is necessary: transitioning from pictures to diagrams but not transitioning from diagrams to data, where analytical techniques can be leveraged.  In addition, we often fail to update and curate our analysis over time.  At SAIC we believe that creating well-formed models is only the first step in truly managing complexity.  We believe that the data in the models must be analyzed with more than eyes on diagrams and that techniques such as  DSM can be applied to MBSE data directly for more robust analysis. Furthermore, we believe there is a need to efficiently compare architecture to execution, and maintain architecture integrity over time.

Heidi Jugovic has 14 years of defense engineering expertise with an emphasis on results-driven Model Based Systems Engineering and enabling the digital transformation. She is an INCOSE Certified Systems Engineering Professional (CSEP). She was Chair of the MBE Community of Practice for Northrop Grumman 2016-2018 and is currently co-chair of the Digital Engineering Community of Practice for SAIC. Heidi is an Army Veteran who served as a Missile Defense Early Warning Engineer/Operator/Technician (JTAGS) for two years and finds motivation as an engineer by making a difference in the mission and day-to-day effectiveness and safety of the Warfighter.

Product Architectures II

1:15 am – 2:30 pm (US EDT)

Session Chair: Tyson Browning

Scientific presentation: Variant Value Management to Optimize Complexity and Value of Product Families

Luft, Thomas; Schmied, Christian; Schöberl, Maximilian; Wartzack, Sandro; Zimmermann, Markus; Mörtl, Markus

Scientific presentation: Configuring Ship Locks Using A Product Platform Based On DSM Methods

Knippenberg, S.C.M.; Pennings, W.J.; Etman, L.F.P.; Rooda, J.E.; Vogel, J.A.

Student presentation: Development of a Lock Head Product Platform: Capturing Assets in Specifications

Pennings, W.J.; Knippenberg, S.C.M.; Etman, L.F.P.; Rooda, J.E.; Vogel, J.A.

Industry presentation: How to grow?

Evers, F.; Roosmalen, H. van

Industry presentation: MOSA When It Matters: Applying Design Structure Matrices to Systems Architecture

Vinarcik, Michael John; Jugovic, Heidi; Waldman, Frank

Thursday, October 14

Welcome Session

10:00 am – 10:15 am (US EDT)

Session Chair: Steven Eppinger

Multi-Domain Architectures

10:15 am – 11:15 am (US EDT)

Session Chair: Steven Eppinger

Scientific presentation: Project Clustering and Risk Monitoring based on QFD and MDM

Wang, Qinru; Yang, Qing; Chang, Mingxing

Scientific presentation: Improving Scaled Agile with Multi-Domain Matrix

Narayanan, Nithin; Joglekar, Nitin; Eppinger, Steven

Scientific presentation: Coordinating Synchronous Interdependent Decisions In Complex Projects

Kilani, Meriam; Marle, Franck; Vidal, Ludovic-Alexandre

Process Architectures I

11:45 am – 1:00 pm (US EDT)

Session Chair: Fabiano Armellini

Scientific Presentation: Dedicated vs. Shared Resources in Organizations: Modifying the Design Structure Matrix (DSM) to Support Consolidation Decisions

Yassine, Ali; Worren, Nicolay; Christiansen, Tore

Industry Presentation: SE Impacts of Agile Frameworks Implementations And DSM Opportunities

Leardi, Carlo

Student Presentation: Application of DSM for the Analysis of Needs in UX Design (A Needs Mapping Approach)

Taraghi, Mitra; Armellini, Fabiano; Imbeau, Daniel

Scientific Presentation: A DSM-Based Validation Tool for Leveraged Optimization of Internal Control

Hunter, Denise; Klinger, William; Dister, Carl; Browning, Tyson

Industry Presentation: DSM in Large Scale Aerospace Product Development and Manufacturing

Prestin, David; Cook, Tim

Process Architectures II

1:30 pm – 2:45 pm (US EDT)

Session Chair: Fabiano Armellini

Scientific presentation: Supporting Sustainable Manufacturing Practices Implementation using Design Structure Matrix in the Algerian Economy

Keddari, Nassim; Kherbachi, Sonia; Benkhider, Naima

Student presentation: Using Product Complexity to Forecast Manufacturing Cycle Time

Dooper, Tjomme; Etman, L. F. P.; Alblas, A. A.; Schepens, S.; Giebels, M. M. T.

Industry presentation: Re-Architecting the Starfish Medical Winnipeg Ventilator (SMWV) Project for efficient Change Proposals

Grove, Julian; Stowe, Mike; Waldman, Frank

Industry presentation: Why Is Design Delivery Always Behind Schedule? A Critical Review Of the Design Planning Techniques Adopted For Real Estate Projects In São Paulo – Brazil.T

Manzione, Leonardo

Student presentation: Support of Ontologies Integration through the Interfaces Analysis using a DSM-Based Approach

Brovar, Yana

Closing Session

2:45 pm – 3:15 pm (US EDT)

Session Chair: Steven Eppinger