DSM Industry Sprint Workshops

At the DSM Conference, are you looking forward to

  • Meet DSM experts, researchers, industry practitioners, and tool representatives
  • Apply new and well-known DSM methods on a real industry test case
  • Learn new tools and methods

Then, do not miss the DSM Sprint Workshop! Lessons learned from the successful 2nd annual ISW event at DSM 2018 in Trieste (Italy) will be applied.

DSM_ISW Journey_11Mar19.png

Your challenge will be to analyze a real complex system from a given DSM and suggest improvements in the architecture or otherwise that could benefit the company. We will help you form six teams of 5-10 to attack the complex business challenge within 3 hours. Commercial DSM symbiotic technologies (DST) access is provided during the workshop with respective experts on-site or online. For information on DST look at DSM Symbiotic Tools @DSM2017.


Afterwards each team will present their results to a panel of judges and to other conference participants. The first three winners will be awarded with a prize. Each participant will be provided with a workshop certificate.Zeichnung1.jpg